Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holly Polson prefers young boys

Holly Marie Polson, 35-year-old married mother of 4 from Palmdale, California, had been arrested for allegedly engaging in repeated sexual episodes with a 13-year-old boy.

Polson, who worked as a teacher's aide at an Antelope Valley middle school, faces four felony counts of lewd acts with a child she was supposed to be tutoring the 13-year-old after school. The victim and suspect allegedly engaged in several acts of sexual intercourse while in a vacant classroom on the school campus. According to the boy, during the two weeks time span, he had repeatedly sexual intercourses with an Instructional Aide at his school. Officers say Polson confessed to the affair and admitted to several instances of having sexual intercourse with the young boy on school grounds when she was arrested.

Investigation started when a relative of the boy discovered allegedly inappropriate text message from Holly Polson on the boy's cell phone, and alerted police. The alleged sex crimes occurred between May 29 and June 10 in a vacant classroom at school and in Polson's car.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Katrina Childress gets 5 years of jail for sex with teen

Katrina Childress, 33-year-old woman from Fredericktown, Missouri, has been sentenced to five years in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

Childress entered her plea in Criminal District Court 371 as part of a plea agreement with the Tarrant County district attorney's office.

Childress had arrived in Texas in the beginning of January this year with her children, ages 7 and 11, and the teen boy, whose family had reported him missing.

Katrina Childress was arrested by Bedford police, who had been checking vehicle registrations at America's Best Value Inn, 2501 Airport Freeway, in Bedford. Officers learned that Missouri authorities were looking for one of the vehicles in connection with a runaway. When the Childress and the boy were interviewd, they told that their relationship was sexual and they had sex in motel room.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mary Dennis gets jail for sex parties with teen boys

Mary Marie Dennis, 39-year-old Floyds Knobs, Indiana, mother has pleaded guiltyto sexual misconduct with a minor and to neglect of a dependent in connection with a parties she hosted for teens.

Dennis, who was 38 at the time of the incident, will receive a four-year suspended sentence and will be on probation in exchange for pleading guilty to sexual misconduct. For neglect of a dependent, she also is to be given three years in jail, of which she is expected to serve 18 months, during which she is expected to be on work release during the day from the Clark County Jail.

Mary Dennis also will have to register as a sex offender for 10 years and will be on strict probation. She can have no contact with minors except her daughter, who accompanied her in court last Tuesday.

The plea agreement states that Dennis fondled a 15-year-old male juvenile and provided alcohol to her then-13-year-old daughter, who was present during her “sex parties.”

Clark County Deputy Prosecutor Brittany Blau said Mary Marie Dennis also had sexual relationships with three 16-year-old males and a 17-year-old male, all above the legal age of consent in Indiana. One relationship reportedly lasted about five months.

Dennis’ home address is listed as Floyds Knobs, but she was living in Clark County at the time of the allegations. The daughter reportedly told police she once walked by her mother’s bedroom and saw her having sex with one boy as two others were watching.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sex Scandal Teacher Dorothy Dixon not allowed to have contact with any children

Dorothy Elizabeth Dixon, 29-year-old married mother with 4 and 3 years old children, special needs teacher at Northgate High School, Coweta County, Georgia, has been arrested on allegations that she had sex with a 15-year-old male student.

Dixon's husband sex texts on his wife's phone and tipped local officers about he possible sexual relationship between female teacher and a male special needs student. Dixon works as a Special needs teacher at Northgate High School, Coweta County, Georgia.

Maj. James Yarbrough of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office said Dixon’s husband saw messages on his wife’s phone and originally thought those communications were with a adult male. But what Dixon told him when he confronted her, said Yarbrough, was that she had been having relations with a 15-year-old boy who had been a former student that she had taught in a special needs class at Northgate.

Dorothy Dixon allegedly had been involved in the relationship with the 15-year-old for several months and the two had him in different locations.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Brandi Fuller had sex with 12-year-old boy while her son slept in same room

Brandi Michelle Fuller, 30-year-old woman from Pasadena, Texas, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old boy.

According to the investigators, the victim's mother arrived at the Pasadena Police Department on May 10, telling she believed her son, now 14, fathered a child with the suspect, Brandi Fuller - one of Fuller's six children. The boy's mother said she had been friends with Fuller for three years. The relationship between Fuller and her son allegedly started after he went with his sister to baby sit at Fuller's trailer home in Pasadena, police said.

When the police interviewed the victim, he told them that he and Fuller had sexual intercourse on 10 or more occasions at her trailer in 2009, where Fuller allegedly first sexually assaulted the boy around Oct. 1, 2009. The boy also told police they had sex when Fuller moved to an apartment in Pasadena.

According to Fuller she only had sex with the 12-year-old boy once in October 2009 in her trailer when the boy "woke her up by rubbing on her" and because she "didn't want to make a big scene" in front of her son who slept on the floor, they had sex, according to court records.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dorothy Rodriguez had sex with son's teen friend

Dorothy Rodriguez, , 36-year-old woman from Poinciana (Osceola County), Florida, has been arrested for allegedly engaging in sex with a 15-year-old boy, a friend of her own son.

The boy’s mother contected Osceola Police and told the deputies that Dorothy Rodriguez had sex with her son while he was staying at her house. When he was interviewed, the boy told authorities he went to a party with Rodriguez and her son before spending the night at their house. He slept in the same room as Rodriguez and at some point during the night Rodriguez perfomerd sex act on him and then they had sex.

Rodriguez’s family called law enforcement after she had not returned home for several days but deputies were able to track her down and arrested her last Saturday.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Carrie Shafer was found half nude in car with young stud, gets no jail

Blonde Bombshel Carrie Shafer, 39-years-old biology teacher at duPont Manual High School, was arrested in March when police caught her partially clothed with a 17-year-old male student in a car.

According to a police report, the car was in a handicapped space and the windows were steamed. Shafer and the student were found partially clothed and a used condom was found outside the vehicle, police said. Remember, she was a biiology teacher.
Shafer, who was married and has two children, so SHE IS OFFICIALLY A MILF; faced charges of unlawful transaction with a minor for giving the boy alcohol and unauthorized parking in a handicapped zone.
In the beginning of the June 2011 Shafer was indicted on a a new felony charge, custodial interference.

Soon after the new charge Shafer made plea deal with prosecutors, and pleaded guilty to both charges. She received a three-year sentence for the custodial interference charge and 12 months for the unlawful transaction with a minor charge. Those sentences will run concurrently and came with a recommendation on diversion -- a type of supervised probation. If Shafer follows the rules, she will not face ANY jail time.

The plea agreement won't require her to register as a sex offender and states that the case can be dismissed once she completes the terms of her supervised probation. She must pay a $1,000 fine and continue “to attend counseling to address any psychiatric issues.” She cannot do work that would put her in a position of trust, and she is not allowed to have alcohol.

Shafer could legally try to get a teaching job after her probation is completed, but may have difficulty getting hired.

Shafer resigned from Manual shortly after she was arrested. She had taught in the school system since 2007 and had no previous disciplinary record. I bet there are thing a two that she could teach to loads of horny schoolboys.